The love for music began at a young age while growing up in East Boston which led to a lifetime career. It all started with a Christmas present…..a turntable. With plenty of albums to chose from (from an older sibling) the love for music grew. At the age of six the first 45 was purchased (Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas) which eventually led to an extensive music collection ranging from 45’s, LP’s, imports and 12 inch extended mixes. As time went on equipment was purchased and cassettes were being made regularly for friends throughout Jr. High School. By the time High School approached, performing at house parties and school events became a regular gig.

Upon graduating from High School came College (PC) which was yet another adventure. Studies, football, and music consumed many hours. Music, still a passion and part of everyday life led to many opportunities such as performances at sorority parties, fraternity parties, school events, private functions and even a gig at Club Eagles (local PC bar). During Junior year the opportunity to work in an official Providence night club (American Café) paved the way to what becomes a successful career.

Kent Management, the company that hired me at the time, owned 3-4 nightclubs in the Providence area with many others in the making. Within two years the number of establishments grew and working 5-6 nights a week became a full-time schedule. Upon graduating college a position as Entertainment Director was offered to me and greatly accepted. Once in place, the responsibilities of hiring, training, implementing, marketing as well as purchasing and designing sound & light systems became more than a full-time position. Kent Management (later known as CJ &J Consulting) became the king of nightlife with over 42 establishments ranging from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale. Venues included: (4) Sh-Booms, (8) Challenges, (5) Bahama Bobs, (7) Polly Estas, (3) Bell Bottoms, Liquid, The Atrium, (3) Déjà vu, Bootleggers, NV @ The Strand, Diesel The Complex and the Atlantis in Ft. Lauderdale.

In conjunction with working nightclubs came the private sector which includes birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, corporate functions, civil unions and weddings. In 2007 (having worked 20 years for Kent Management), the guru of nightlife decided to retire and sell all establishments. With that being said, other private venue owners have and continue to employ disc jockey services Thursday through Saturday evenings. Private functions also continue to be a part of the schedule on a weekly basis. The love for music and entertaining is never ending and will be delivered in a professional manner accommodating many styles ranging from oldies, rock, country, top 40, hip-hop, r&b, reggae, reggaeton, and club hits…..don’t have a party without me!

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